Our Team

Dr Deeksha Tyagi

Director and Infertility Expert

Since her days in medical school, Dr. Deeksha has been devoted to gynecology, obstetrics, and infertility. She studied at the National Pirogov Medical University in Vinnytsia, Ukraine (several hours outside the capital Kyiv). While there, she made the choice to go into the niche field of fertility care.

After starting her assisted reproduction technology (ART) career in Delhi, she later undertook further European training and experience. She has worked at the Scandinavian IVF Center in Tbilisi, Georgia, and the Assuta Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel. She's also trained in embryology and IVF in Belgium.

Dr. Deeksha has a postgraduate diploma in sonography. She's become known in Delhi and throughout India for her diligent and empathetic work. While she excels at the technical side of her job and participated in the second-ever successful frozen embryo birth in Delhi, she also has the compassion and communication skills to work with couples who are at a difficult and emotional point in their family journey.

Hundreds of couples have trusted their reproductive goals to Dr. Deeksha. She works with each patient to provide warm, friendly, and personalised care worthy of that trust.

Her languages include Hindi, English, and Russian.

Nikita Koli

Embryologist Assistant

Nikita currently holds a bachelor's degree in biotechnology from Chaudhary Charan Singh University and is working towards receiving her master's in biotechnology, with a projected completion date of 2023. She uses this educational training to assist our embryology department in IUI and IVF procedures.

She also runs most andrology procedures at BetaPlus. This is the medical specialty that focuses on male hormones and reproductive functions. Nikita's skill in this area helps BetaPlus to provide successful treatment for both male and female infertility.

A busy fertility clinic like BetaPlus needs well-trained laboratory staff who do all the procedures right the first time. That's why we're so glad to have Nikita working for us. She uses her diligence to maintain needed equipment and to help us run a spotless, efficient, and service-oriented lab.

Her languages include Hindi and English.


Head Staff Nurse

Vino is a diligent and dedicated nurse with more than 20 years of experience in gynecology, obstetrics, and ART. After completing her degree at Kerala University, she moved into reproductive nursing because of the opportunities for close, empathetic patient contact.

Vino assists with ultrasound scans, IVF procedures, and other tests in the clinic. Her emotional intelligence, friendly demeanor, and excellent medical communication skills greatly help patients as they progress through procedures at the clinic.

She also ensures that the nursing department as a whole has high standards. This includes clear communication among the nursing staff and between doctors and nurses.

IVF, ART, and infertility treatments are complicated procedures both technically and emotionally. Not every nurse can excel in this specialised field, which is why we are so grateful to have Vino on our staff.

Her languages include Hindi, English, and Malayalam.


Staff Nurse

Ranibala completed her nursing degree at the University of Andra Pradesh and has over 10 years of experience in the field. Working at BetaPlus affords her opportunities for close patient contact and care that's adapted to the individual.

BetaPlus patients often undergo complicated and highly technical procedures that are relatively new and unfamiliar. Ranibala has a fantastic bedside manner and excels at explaining these procedures to patients without talking down to them.

Many of our patients speak highly of Ranibala as well as her emotional intelligence and problem-solving ability. We are very lucky to have her on our nursing staff.

Her languages include Hindi, English, and Manipuri.


Head OT Nurse

Leena completed her nursing degree at Kerala University. She specializes in OT (occupational therapy) nursing and OPD (outpatient nursing), and after over seven years working at Sanjeevani Hospital in Mumbai, she decided to join our team at BetaPlus Fertility.

Helping patients needing fertility OT services requires great communication skills and deep empathy. That's why we're so happy to have Leena with us. She uses her technical and emotional skills to skillfully assist couples as they work to build a family.

Leena helps BetaPlus Fertility provide great nursing to all of our patients every step of the way.

Her languages include Hindi, English, and Malayalam.

Sonia Arora

Business Head And Clinic Counsellor

Sonia has always been fascinated with human and family relationships. That's why she decided to pursue a master's degree in Advanced Human Development and Relations from Kurukshetra University, India. At BetaPlus, she uses this knowledge to build productive and emotional relationships with intended parents.

Effective fertility counseling requires technical knowledge of procedures, training in human psychology, and a friendly desire to help patients achieve their family goals. Not everyone is capable of succeeding in this specialised field, but Sonia truly is. She assists in screening, assessing, and educating patients and their families.

In addition to meeting individually with patients for education and counseling, Sonia coordinates with our medical team and the rest of the business team to ensure everyone's providing compassionate and warmhearted care.

It isn't just enough to have a fertility clinic with high-quality doctors; it's important to have experts in human relationships who can develop client education and ensure that our business practices meet the needs of families. Sonia helps BetaPlus Fertility to achieve these goals.

Her languages include Hindi, English, and Punjabi.

Ruchi Dutta

Patient Coordinator

Ruchi truly has a passion for the healthcare industry and has spent her whole career in it. After starting in health insurance and quickly working her way up from a customer service representative to unit sales manager, she moved into hospital management. She worked at several hospitals and medical tourism companies in the Delhi region before moving to BetaPlus.

Ruchi has completed not only a master's in Hospital Administration from Apollo Medvarsity University but also holds a certificate in Medical Tourism. She also takes advantage of professional development opportunities by attending conferences, camps, and training across India and bringing those skills back to BetaPlus.

A good patient coordinator makes sure patients receive the same level of emotional care and commitment through every step of the process. They make sure that all employees are committed to patient education and customer service. A patient coordinator is key to an exceptional experience.

That's why we're so happy to have Ruchi on staff to do this difficult job. Her passion, experience, and hard work make her an invaluable part of the team.

Her languages include Hindi and English.

Shagun Gupta

Marketing Manager

Shagun holds a master's degree in marketing and communication from the University of Pecs in Hungary. The experience of studying in Europe has made him a keen observer of different ethnicities and cultures. He uses this skill to help communicate effectively with his clients of all different backgrounds.

Before working with BetaPlus, Shagun participated in marketing for several other medical companies. He developed a specialty in this niche field and has a clear skill at explaining complicated medical procedures to those without special biological knowledge. At BetaPlus, we're focused on client education, and Shagun's high standards ensure that marketing is part of that process.

We're proud to have Shagun at BetaPlus. His communication skills, client focus, and sympathetic touch make us a better organization.

His languages include Hindi and English.

Gargi Awasthi

Operations Manager

After completing her bachelor of arts at Rohtak University in Haryana, Gargi moved into the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) field; she has more than 10 years of experience in ART front desk setups.

Gargi is in charge of the front desk at BetaPlus Fertility. She makes sure that patients have an easy and pleasant experience scheduling appointments and filing financial paperwork. She also answers inquiries from the head office and helps translate directives from the clinic directors into better systems and an improvement in direct customer experience.

We're happy to have Gargi on staff; her diligent work and friendly demeanor help make sure every aspect of the patient experience at BetaPlus is truly great. Her operations expertise helps the whole clinic to run smoothly.

Her languages include Hindi and English.

Gaurav Vats

Accounts Manager

Gaurav has a bachelor's degree in Commerce from Delhi University and an impressive 15-year career helping major companies like Big Apple, Archies Ltd, and Sriram Information manage their client relationships. With his great financial, technological, and customer service skills, Gaurav helps keep the back office running smoothly.

Currently, he handles all queries related to payments as well as all financial paperwork and documentation. Fertility treatments can be a source of financial stress, but Gaurav helps to make the financial side of things as easy and friendly as possible for patients. He's key in ensuring BetaPlus can be respectful of its clients while meeting its business targets.

Gaurav combines financial acumen with empathetic customer service, which is why we're so proud to have him on staff at BetaPlus.

His languages include Hindi and English.

Meghna Solanki


Meghna is currently a student earning her bachelor's degree in computer application. With her excellent computer skills, diligent work ethic, and friendly demeanor, we're proud to have her as the first point of contact for patients coming to BetaPlus.

She's also very organized, which makes it easier for everyone to find necessary files and provide a high level of patient care. No organization runs correctly without high-quality administrative workers, which is why we're happy to have Meghna on staff.

From our receptionist, all the way up to our directors, the staff at BetaPlus works hard for you and your family to have a successful fertility outcome.

Her languages include Hindi, Gujarati, and English.